What Tough Looks Like:
A Photo Series

This series was inspired by a candid shot I took at youth hockey tournament. The 7-year-old player was waiting for her turn to take the ice, and when she turned to look at me, the look in her eyes said, “We’re not here to have fun.” Her expression struck me and I immediately loved the photo. It reminded me of when I was her age, a passionate basketball player who took the game seriously, who could never practice enough, played sick, tired, injured, with the boys, when I was the youngest player on the court, when my team was down by 30 or up by two heading into the 4th quarter. My teammates and I felt a kinship in our intensity for the game that forged lifetime friendships. Girls going after what they want with unabashed drive, knowing no limits to their reach. With this series, I am looking for female athletes of all sports and ages to capture that passion for the sport, that intensity at every age - learning, growing, becoming who they are, discovering and celebrating their power.

Interested in being part of the series or learning more? Email me! marylouisepolleys@gmail.com.