Meet Mary

I’m Mary. A caffeine addict, puppy-lover, and ultimate Gilmore Girls fan who loves to be active, spending time with my adorable nephew, eating good food with friends, and going on adventures!

I’ve been a photographer since I could hold a camera. Always the family documentarian, I’ve taken more photos than I’ll ever be in! I fell in love with wedding photography - the ability to capture love between a couple, a groom and his Mom, the moment a Dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress - it’s not only an honor to be a part of, it’s an incredible experience that makes my heart flutter every time. I love what I do, and I hope I can be a part of your wedding day!




A Few of my Favorite Things

dunks iced coffee

No matter the temperature outside.


I'm a Marshmallow.

Spending an hour in the bathtub

With a glass of wine.


On repeat.

sitting outside by a fire pit

And watching the planes fly overhead.

cranberry bogs

I'm a true New Englander.

young adult novels

I think that's when I stopped maturing.

playing volleyball

Mostly hitting.

Engagement sessions

I love getting to know a couple and capturing their love!

papazon chairs

They're like cuddle cups!