Professional Headshots with Ally


One of the best things about being a photographer is the people it brings into your life and the connections you make with people you might otherwise not cross paths with. Ally, on the other hand, was a blast from the past! We were basketball teammates and fellow tall girls in high school who've kept tabs on each other via social media, so when she reached out for updated professional headshots I was excited! We got to catch up, swap career transition woes, and have a blast during our shoot.


Ally really wanted something classic and simple. White backdrop, solid wardrobe, and overall clean aesthetics. I love how these photos put the emphasis on her in a different way than an outdoor portrait would. There's definitely no distractions from her super blue eyes! 


Ally said that she reached out because she really wanted to support the growth of the business of someone she knew and she saw me on Instagram working it (or trying to). In a market flooded with photographers, I appreciate that more than you could know!

And with a fierce subject like this? Can't get much better.


Thanks Ally for a great shoot! Anyone looking for professional headshots, indoor or out, should contact me at