Liz, 27 - Marathon Runner


Liz and I went into the woods in Sturbridge, MA on a rainy day in October for our shoot, and I left soaked down to my underpants, but with so much happy in my heart!

Liz is a lifelong athlete, collegiate track and field competitor - and soon to be Boston Marathon runner! She marks the sixth in the series, the first runner, and the first to also make incredible ceramic creations when she's not busy training in preparation for April. 

She is beautiful inside and out, seriously one of the most kind and warm people you'll ever meet, it's no wonder that Boston Children's Hospital chose her to run Boston on their behalf this year. While she is only required to raise $10K, she hopes to reach at least $15K for the hospital. Click HERE to donate!


Liz runs 3-4 days a week with Western Mass Distance Project (a competitive running team), in addition to her workouts at Amped Fitness 3-4 days a week. A self-proclaimed extrovert, she relies on her teammates to keep her motivated

"The age range of the women on WMDP goes from early 20's to early 60's and each of these women is STRONG and lighting fast! They are also always incredibly supportive of each other's athletic pursuits and help each other through major life challenges. The Amped Fitness "Amped Nation" family is a newer part of my life and has already become so vital. Having amazing coaches and teammates to challenge me in the gym has really pushed me further than I would have on my own."


For Liz, being active is a source of empowerment and confidence, a mood booster and anxiety killer.

"Oh man! If I didn't work out I think I'd lose my mind. Any time I've been injured and can't work out as much, I tend to get anxious and feel WAY less confident. Being active is so important for physical AND mental health."


"Being a female athlete is so empowering!

We all have those moments where you're picking yourself apart, but after working out or running, I feel my most beautiful (even when I'm all sweaty). I truly hope that all women take the opportunity prove to yourself that you're a force to be reckoned with!" 


Running Boston is a dream come true for Liz.

"It's such an iconic marathon. As a child I watched the marathon in Ashland every year with my family. I remember thinking "How can anyone run that far?!" As I got older and started running in middle school and high school, I think I gained even more respect for these runners."

Even better that she's running for Boston Children's Hospital.

"I am a former BCH patient, and on my visits to the hospital, I saw so many children from all walks of life getting the care they needed. It's incredible be a part of their team. A huge part of running for BCH is raising money for their continued support of children and their families."

Here's this pretty girl that donation link one more time! 


Liz is featured on my website and Facebook page under "We're Not Here Just to Have Fun" and you can see more of her comments there!

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